The Weather Man Lied

Today I traveled to Freezeout Lake WMA with a couple new friends to witness the white goose and tundra swam migration.  The weather forecast called for sunshine and 60 degrees.  Instead, the area was under an inversion.

Enough sunlight filtered through the gray clouds above to make viewing painful — it was both flat light and blindingly bright light.  The temperature remained around 30 degrees throughout the day and at times the fog was freezing and at other times it misted.  Nonetheless, the warmth of the sun on the other side of the inversion could still be felt.

The weather was not conducive to birding or photography, and seemed to encourage the geese to remain at feed.  We saw a few mass lift-offs and landings, but not the massive spectacles that can be seen there on other occasions.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my first trip to Freezeout Lake, and the company, very much.  I know that the area has been added to “my rounds.”  I’ll be back soon to enjoy other migratory birds.

On the journey home, we hit bright sunshine and entered a totally different world as soon as we crossed over the Continental Divide.


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