Yellowstone June 2013 Trip, Last Installment

This entry is for June 15 & 16, 2013.

Day 9 was my last full day in the Park.

I had heard from Deby Dixon that the Blacktail Plateau Rd had opened the day before, so that was among the first things on my agenda for this day.

So, I headed north from the Norris [...]

Yellowstone June 2013 Trip, Part 4

This entry is for June 14 & 15, 2013.

On Day 8, I returned to LeHardy Rapids to try for more leaping Yellowstone cutthroat trout at LeHardy Rapids with better light. I’m pleased with the results.

A Yellowstone cutthroat trout, wearing the ruby tones of the spawning season, makes a leap upstream at LeHardy Rapids [...]

Yellowstone June 2013 Trip, Part 3

This entry is for June 12 & 13, 2013.

Day 6 began much as the previous days, with a thorough slow check of the area along Obsidian Creek for the grizzly triplet family. Once again, they didn’t present themselves.

Once again, Electric Peak was looking particularly lovely, this time with mist/fog imparting a dreamy feel [...]

Yellowstone June 2013 Trip, Part 2

This entry is for June 10 & 11, 2013.

I started out the day by driving north from the Norris CG as far as the Golden Gate, back south again to a bit south of the Twin Lakes, back north again as far as Golden Gate and then south again to Norris Junction.  I used [...]

Yellowstone June 2013 Trip, Part 1

10 days in Yellowstone National Park, on my own and in my tent, were on tap for June 2013.  Friday, June 6 was my son’s last day of the school year, with 11:30 dismissal.  While he was at school, I loaded up the car with gear and supplies, hoping I’d have room for him and [...]

Adding more birds to the year list…

On Jan 5 & 6, I made a couple more trips to add more birds to my year list – and enjoy whatever other sights were encountered along the way.  This doe sure kept a close eye on me as I walked one of the trails at the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge.

There [...]

Getting the year bird list started…

I got started a little later than I had planned on Jan 1 to get my 2013 year bird list started.  Darn champagne!

Nonetheless, it was a great day.  I saw 37 species, to get my list off to a good start.  I was surprised to find 4 western meadowlarks in falling snow on Airport [...]

Lewis & Clark Caverns Candlelight Tour 2012

For several years I’ve wanted to do the Lewis & Clark Caverns Candlelight Tour. This year it worked out. I’m so glad it did! It had been many years since last I visited the caverns, and I had forgotten how fantastic that subterranean wonderland is!

More photos from that [...]

It turned out to be a great day, after all…

Today my sister and I met a truck driver friend at the rest area near Opportunity, MT to show him around the Deer Lodge Valley.  We were sure, just sure, that we’d be able to find some good raptors along the East River Road in the Deer Lodge Valley, or bighorn sheep in the valley [...]

Winter Arrives

Winter solstice is a couple weeks away, but winter has arrived in Western Montana.  From me, winter gets a friendly “Welcome!”

The sub-alpine fir trees up on Lolo Pass are one good storm away from turning into snow ghosts.

Also welcome was a visit from a flock of pine grosbeaks to the [...]