Yellowstone 3 Day Itinerary- Based in Gardiner

This itinerary was originally written for a mixed family with some members of limited walking endurance and with a child that was staying in Gardiner and is therefore from that perspective. Ajust if entering/exiting via another gate. If you have more time, you can spread it out more and/or spend more time watching wildlife.

All […]

My Most Expensive and Most Dangerous Photo Ever

Pedestrian ho-hum shot, eh? I agree.

Why so expensive? I’ll tell you.

Last September, my husband and I bought a Perception Pescador Pilot 12 pedal kayak on the spur-of-the-moment. We liked it and knew we would both want to be out on the water at the same time, at times, so we ordered another. […]

Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again

In May of 2016, the server on which this blog is stored fell victim to ransomware and the database backup restoration failed. The blog was lost.

It has taken me a year to find the motivation to try to patch it back together. I found that the Wayback Machine Internet Archive had “captured” the blog […]

In Loving Memory Of My Son, Bridger Lowery

Bridger Evan Lowery, 14, of Lolo Montana, born April 16, 2001, joined his little brother, Colter, in heaven on October 9, 2015 following a sudden and devastating illness, complicated by arterial damage that occurred in a procedure during his hospitalization.

Bridger was a young man of varied interests – and when he […]

Kudos for Yellowstone Campground Host Ray

Letter sent to the Yellowstone NPS office:

I am a frequent Yellowstone camper. I’m accustomed to feeling compelled to “tutor” campers around me on just about every trip due to garbage, food, coolers, gray water catch basins for pop-up campers, etc. being left out when not in use or overnight, and other bear country (or […]