Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again

In May of 2016, the server on which this blog is stored fell victim to ransomware and the database backup restoration failed.  The blog was lost.

It has taken me a year to find the motivation to try to patch it back together.  I found that the Wayback Machine Internet Archive had “captured” the blog fairly consistently.  As such, I can copy many if not all of my post entries back into my blog.  That will take some time, and I won’t expend the effort to copy all post entries back.  I will re-post entries dated with their original entry date.  Unfortunately, all comments made on blog posts are lost and will not be copied over.

Follow-up, June 11, 2018:  I’ve copied as many entries as the Wayback Machine Internet Archive had captured for posterity.  Some are missing – some of which were especially “fun” ones, but I’m grateful that many were captured and that I could restore them.   Thanks, Wayback Machine!



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