Unethical Wildlife Photographers

On Saturday May 26, 2012, on a large family trip to Yellowstone, I arrived at the “Hitching Post” parking lot, joining a portion of our party that was in another vehicle. They had stopped to watch wolves chasing a cow elk. While there, my sister saw a couple badgers. Following them, she saw one enter […]

Yellowstone May 27, 2012

Things were pretty slow throughout the morning and afternoon… And THEN, we enjoyed some amorous grizzlies in the early evening.

Grizzly bears enjoying some post mating cuddles

This video was also in the aftermath of a coupling (I will have more videos up on my website shortly, this is the only one […]

Yellowstone May 28, 2012

My sister, Stacy, and I started Memorial Day with a run through the Northern Range. The only critters of note were a mama mallard and her brood of ducklings.

Then we made a trip to the hotel to help the rest of the big family crew load up. On our way back up […]