Yellowstone May 27, 2012

Things were pretty slow throughout the morning and afternoon…  And THEN, we enjoyed some amorous grizzlies in the early evening.

Grizzly bears enjoying some post mating cuddles

This video was also in the aftermath of a coupling (I will have more videos up on my website shortly, this is the only one uploaded so far).  This is an unedited video.  I’ve been taking some video lately, but have not yet undertaken learning how to edit it effectively. I guess I better start getting around to remedying that if I’m going to keep taking video.

After enjoying this grizzly bear couple for a little while, we headed back for Gardiner, as the day was growing late.  Near the Upper Terrace Drive we were in for one more treat — a cinnamon/red colored black bear

with two adorable and very rambunctious cubs

There was little light left at that point and the cubs moved exceedingly fast but they were a hoot to watch.

More photos here:

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