More Than My Money’s Worth

After work yesterday evening I took a drive to the National Bison Range. It was still 93 degrees when I left my office at 5:30, so I wasn’t expecting much wildlife activity in that heat. I figured this golden eagle at the top of Red Sleep Mountain, under siege and being harassed by an […]

Night Sky Treats

Sunday evening the “stars were in alignment.” A CME (coronal mass ejection) had collided with Earth’s thermosphere and the Kp Index (Kp originates from “planetarische Kennziffer”), which measures geomagnetic disturbance, was fluctuating 4-8. When the KP index is above 5, I have a reasonably good chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis at my magnetic […]

Tim Ryan’s 25th (and last) Annual Mission Valley Scholarship Benefit

Friday, July 13th, 2012, was the end of an era. On that day, Tim Ryan held the last of his 25 annual Mission Valley Scholarship Benefit events. The events changed over the years, starting as concerts at the Mule Palace in Evaro, and later moving to the Ronan Country Club, where a golf tournament […]

Using Your Car As A “Photo Blind”

A couple days ago, a friend of mine shared a link to a blog post by Ron Dudley on Facebook. The post is a plea for respect for burrowing owls. Check it out. In that post, Ron Dudley mentioned that

It’s not unusual for Burrowing Owls to nest close to roads and when they […]

First Weekend of Summer 2012 – Glacier National Park

Going to the Sun Road opened completely mid-week and that was all the motivation I needed to head to Glacier National Park for the first weekend of summer.

I arrived at Sprague Campground around 8:30 Friday evening, thinking early to bed, early to rise and all that. Despite not getting to sleep as early […]