I went for a drive up Elk Meadows Road to take in sunset at Lily lake tonight. It was a great evening trip. There is an awesome crop of beargrass growing about halfway up the mountain. The beargrass up higher is still in tight buds at the lake while the early spring bloomers — […]

Bozeman demands Internet passwords of job applicants

Bozeman demands Internet passwords By MATT GOURAS Associated Press

HELENA – Job applicants with the city of Bozeman are finding that those private Internet discussions and pictures may not be so private after all.

The city is asking job seekers for the user names – and passwords – to Internet social networking or Web […]

“the quawmash is now in blume”

“the quawmash is now in blume and from the colour of its bloom at a short distance it resembles lakes of fine clear water, so complete is this deseption that on first sight I could have swoarn it was water.”

So said Captain Meriwether Lewis on June 12, 1806 at what L&C called the […]

Sunday at the National Bison Range

I spent another Sunday at the National Bison Range yesterday.

A herd of bison was along Pauline Creek. I tend to take bison for granted but yesterday I stopped and watched them for a while. I enjoyed watching the “little red doggies” play, nuzzle their mothers, nurse… I enjoyed watching the adults graze and […]