I went for a drive up Elk Meadows Road to take in sunset at Lily lake tonight. It was a great evening trip. There is an awesome crop of beargrass growing about halfway up the mountain. The beargrass up higher is still in tight buds at the lake while the early spring bloomers — glacier lily, shooting star, trillium — are still abundant.


DSCF3934 - edit

These beautiful and delicate hairy cat’s ears were growing among the beargrass.

DSCF3920 - edit

DSCF3927 - edit

A cow moose and her yearling calf put on a pre-sunset show at Lily lake, swimming across the lake lengthwise and diving and coming up with full mouths.

Unfortunately they were too far out for good photos but here they are anyway

DSCF3940 - edit

And, to conclude the evening, a glorious sunset

Serenity Redux

Great way to achieve serenity mid work week…!

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