Lewis & Clark Caverns Candlelight Tour 2012

For several years I’ve wanted to do the Lewis & Clark Caverns Candlelight Tour. This year it worked out. I’m so glad it did! It had been many years since last I visited the caverns, and I had forgotten how fantastic that subterranean wonderland is!

More photos from […]

It turned out to be a great day, after all…

Today my sister and I met a truck driver friend at the rest area near Opportunity, MT to show him around the Deer Lodge Valley. We were sure, just sure, that we’d be able to find some good raptors along the East River Road in the Deer Lodge Valley, or bighorn sheep in the […]

Winter Arrives

Winter solstice is a couple weeks away, but winter has arrived in Western Montana. From me, winter gets a friendly “Welcome!”

The sub-alpine fir trees up on Lolo Pass are one good storm away from turning into snow ghosts.

Also welcome was a visit from a flock of pine grosbeaks to […]