Lumberjacks, lumberjills and springtime in the Mission Valley

Mom, Bridger and I enjoyed a busy day with lots of variety on Saturday. Saturday afternoon we were spectators at Forestry Day at the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. It was the first time I’ve ever watched woodsmen competitions or “forester olympics,” as my son preferred to term the events.

I was impressed by […]

Peeking out

Peeking out, originally uploaded by BigSkyKatie.

A garter snake peeks out of the rocks that concealed a mob of them. While I was sitting there today a couple slithered right under and along my legs. I became aware of the “nest” yesterday when I missed a mating ball by about an hour. A […]

Feeder Still Busy With Red Crossbills

A male red crossbill surveys the area. My feeders continue to be busy with red crossbills, dark eyed juncos, and pine siskins.

They are not at all shy. A friend of my husband’s has been replacing our flooring downstairs (new tile). He has reported that during the day the crossbills have been so […]

Crossbill Central

My feeders have been red crossbill central for the last two mornings. I’ve never seen so many of them at my feeders and in my western larch at one time before.

They were dining at the same snowy restaraunt as dark eyed juncos and house finches while the calls of a red-shafted northern flicker […]