Crossbill Central

My feeders have been red crossbill central for the last two mornings. I’ve never seen so many of them at my feeders and in my western larch at one time before.

They were dining at the same snowy restaraunt as dark eyed juncos and house finches while the calls of a red-shafted northern flicker rang out from a tree top.

This female red crossbill was one of about twenty red crossbills waiting for an opening at the feeders which were full of yet more crossbills. Yet even more crossbills were dining buffet style in the tree, very efficiently using those crossed bills to gain access to the seeds inside the cones of my western larch. The dark eyed juncos were on the snow covered groud under the feeders. The house finches made quick forays to the seeders mostly monopolized by the crossbills.

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