Quick Trip to Glacier – July 20& 21, 2011

Last Wednesday afternoon, at the conclusion of our semi-annual family reunion, which was held this year at the Double Arrow Resort in Seeley Lake, a group of 17 family members, including my husband, my son and myself, headed north to the Flathead and Glacier National Park. Following an obligatory lunch at Moose’s Pizza in […]

…and then some!

I’ve been making trips up to Packer Meadows periodically for the last 4 weeks or so to check on the camas bloom. When last I visited a week and half ago, only a handful of camas had bloomed. When I arrived last night, I found that, as Captain Meriwether Lewis noted in his journal, […]

113th Annual Arlee Celebration – Powwow – 2011

Once again I celebrated Independence Day by spending the day as a spectator guest at the Annual Arlee Celebration powwow in Arlee, Montana, on the Flathead Reservation.

The powwow’s Fourth of July roots go back to the late 1800s, when the reservation’s federal Indian agent told the tribes here that such celebrations were being […]