Busy, busy, busy

The summer weekend days here in Montana are so packed with opportunities that I have a tough time trying to fit in all I want to do.

The weekend before last, on Friday, I attended the Annual Mission Valley Scholarship fundraiser Writer’s Night at the Mission Valley Country Club in Ronan, MT. A benefit […]

National Folk Festival – Butte, Montana

On Saturday I attended, along with my family, the 70th Annual Folk Festival which was held in Butte, Montana this year, the first of three years Butte will host the Festival.

Folks, if you missed it this year, make hotel/motel reservations for your entire family now for next year. Those of you who made […]

110th Annual Arlee Celebration

I spent the Fourth of July as a spectator/guest at the 110th Annual Arlee Celebration – the annual Fourth of July Powwow in Arlee, Montana.

I was privileged to watch the Snake Dance (held only on the Fourth of July) which was traditionally held to begin a war dance. It is led by […]