National Folk Festival – Butte, Montana

On Saturday I attended, along with my family, the 70th Annual Folk Festival which was held in Butte, Montana this year, the first of three years Butte will host the Festival.

Folks, if you missed it this year, make hotel/motel reservations for your entire family now for next year.  Those of you who made it, no doubt, don’t need any encouragement.   This is truly an incredible family event with something to offer for everyone.

The entertainers and craftspeople were outstanding!  The food was wonderful.  Food and drink vendors were plentiful.  What an event!  Musical, dance and craft arts from cultures and traditions around the world were represented by high caliber performers of those arts.

All of this and cloudless blue skies, too.  Way to go, Butte!  Please arrange for the same weather next year.

As you can see from the image above, the UV factor was HIGH!

Just a couple minor suggestions for next year, Butte:

The shuttle transport idea was better in theory than in practice.  Next year, improve the execution of this idea with more buses.  I made the mistake of waiting for a bus twice before giving up on that idea entirely as full buses would stop just, it seemed, to tease us with the notice that they had no room for us.

Stage 6 – the black indoor/outdoor carpet.  Really?  BLACK shiny surface for July?  The straw bales weren’t bad, but the black indoor/outdoor carpet was close to murderous.

Now some compliments:

“The Original” stage was great!  The new, well watered sod seemed like an oasis coming from Stage 6.  Great venue.  I hope Butte stages other musical acts there.

Food and drink vendors were well spread and convenient, as were portable potties.  The condition of some of the portable potties left something to be desired and left room for improvement (some were quite old and worn out) but I was pleasantly surprised by the availability.

I look forward to attending this great event again next year.

For more information about this wonderful annual event, see:

Oh, and when you go next year, don’t forget to make a drop in the bucket!

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