111th Annual Arlee Celebration

On Independence Day, I, once again, enjoyed the pleasure and privilege of attending the Annual Arlee Celebration as a spectator/visitor.

I enjoy everything about the powwow — the drums, the singing, the dancing, the regalia, the ceremony, the culture, the tradition… I also appreciate the honor and respect paid to Veteran’s on Independence Day — a day on which everyone should give honor, respect and thanks to the Veterans that continue to protect and insure our independence, as they have done for 233 years.

Everyone rises to their feet and removes head coverings for the Veteran’s Memorial Dance and the Flag Song, led by the Veteran’s Warrior Society. Veteran’s from all branches of service, from all Nations and nationalities, are invited to participate in this dance and be honored for their service to our country.

One of the many Veteran’s to which honor and thanks are due:
Honor the Veterans
(note the Purple Heart)

A moment of rest, and possibly reflection…

A competitor in the Golden Age Traditional dance exhibition

A young man competing in the boys fancy dance competition.
Fancy Dancer

The dress bottom and footwear of a jingle dancer. If one doesn’t watch the feet of the skilled jingle dancers, one might think their dance is simple. When one watches the footwork, however, one fully appreciates the great practice that jingle dancers have devoted to cultivating their talent and expertiese.
Jingle feet

Wisdom of Years
Wisdom of Years

A young man wears an expression of determination

A beautiful jingle dancer — the epitomy of poise and presence.

A celebrant takes a turn at the drums
At the Drums

A youthful face full of beauty and promise

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