No pictures?

Regarding my previous entry… before anyone asks “where are the photos?”  Yes, as always, I had my camera with me.  Never leave home without it.  When I tried to take photos of the jack-knifed rig, the line of cars behind us, the drifts, the ice, etc., I found that my camera wouldn’t power on.  I’ve [...]

28 Miles in 2 Hours

Today, in order to humor my son, we drove from Anaconda, MT to Butte, MT to go to a pizza joint with games.   On the way there, we were in very poor visibility and on roads that started out slushy, transitioned to wet then transitioned to icy with blowing drifting snow.

On the way back, [...]


Spring comes late in Montana. I’ve been seeing Flickr contacts post new photos of flowers for some time already and here we’re just just seeing greenup. Greenup is making good progress in the Missoula Valley. The change in the last week has been pretty dramatic to those who are paying attention.

This evening I’ll drive [...]

Yellowstone Trip Report March 1, 2009

Yellowstone celebrated her birthday brilliantly today. It was a bright and peaceful day. The critters were enjoying a lazy day in the sun. It was pretty quiet. There were a few more clouds than on Saturday, though, and those did occasionally add some interest to the blazing blue sky and glaring white snow.

The subdued [...]