In this corner…

In the blue corner, weighing in at approximately 1500 pounds, “The Big Dude.”

King of Petrified Tree
In the red corner, weighing in at approximately 15 pounds, “Little Red.”


I was enjoying a close encounter with “The Big Dude,” trying to keep the legal (by Yellowstone regulation) 25 yards between us (but no more), backpedaling when he closed the gap. He was minding his own business, browsing, oblivious to me and the handful of other people present.


Suddenly, he got spooked. Immediately prior he had taken a few steps in my direction, narrowing the gap to about 15 yards. I was just starting to backpedal to increase the distance when he reacted. I didn’t know what he was reacting to. It’s spooky being that close to a 1500 pound animal ready to bolt. I about crapped my pants thinking I might be in his escape path. He was looking up the gulch along the game trail. At first I thought perhaps some fool had gone down there and got too close. I was carefully stepping backwards and keeping my eye on him when it occurred to me I should see what the threat was and if that was something else for me to worry about. I was relieved to see the fox trotting down the game trail, feeling it, at least, wasn’t another source of danger for me to worry about. I continued to increase my distance…

Then the fox picked up the pace and started running at the moose wearing a rather shit-eating grin, if you ask me.


The moose bolted and took off as though pursued by the hounds of Hell.


I couldn’t help it. I laughed out loud.

The fox, having chased off the moose, then began to do a balance beam act on deadfall in the gulch then stopped and cocked his head in the posture of a canine mousing.
Ready to Launch

And, hearing what those keen ears were listening for, pounced

Got It?

And came up with a mouse or vole
Got It!

Which he carried it few feet over to his al fresco dining room

Dinner Time!

What fun!!!

The fox did the balance beam act for a while longer to the great entertainment of the kids.

This action, as those “in the know,” can probably guess, took place off the spur road to the Petrified Tree.

After being thoroughly entertained there, we continued eastward. We saw a black bear with a second year cub in Little America. Another small bear, I theorize perhaps her other second year cub, was up in an aspen tree about a quarter of a mile away. Won’t be long before mom tells them it’s time for them to make a living on their own.

After a trip as far east as Soda Butte we turned around to head for home via Dunraven Pass and out the West gate, having received a welcome phone call from Stacy telling us that the pass had opened that morning.

We detoured up Slough Creek so I could check for wildflowers. There was a beautiful big patch of pasqueflowers.

Prairie Crocus - Wind Flower - Pasqueflower

It was a fun three days!

(I hate how Photobucket butchers photos –gonna have to stop using it)

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