Falling into Winter around Missoula – 2012

I enjoy the changes of seasons, not just that we have season in MT, all of which I enjoy, but I enjoy the transition from one season to another.

As autumn “falls” into winter, there are so many beautiful sights to enjoy.

Fly fishermen enjoying the fine fall day in the Clark Fork River near Maclay Flats

fly fishermen in the Clark Fork River near Missoula, MT

On another walk at Maclay Flats, I found a napping northern saw-whet owl

Napping Northern Saw-whet Owl

Meanwhile, a fine dusting of snow covered the mix of evergreen trees and western larch trees along Lolo Creek.   If you aren’t familiar with western larch trees, western larch is a conifer that has needles that turn gold and fall off in the autumn.  They are a deciduous conifer.

Western larch (deciduous conifers) and evergreen conifers dusted with fresh snow along Lolo Creek.

Ah…  Fall in western Montana!

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