Jeep ride up Olson Mountain

Dad, Bridger, Winter (standard poodle) and I took a ride in Dad’s 1964 Willy’s Jeep up to the top of Olson Mountain yesterday.  A welcoming committee of Rocky Mountain bighorn rams greeted us at the top.

Welcoming Committee

IMG_3722 - edit

We were less pleased to see a plume of smoke rising to the north of us. Wild fires in Montana in July are fairly inevitable and serve an important ecological role but it is, nonetheless, always a disappointment to see the start of fire season. The smoke we were seeing was from the Bielenburg Fire, which was initially sparked by lightening about a week ago. At that time a bit of smoke was seen and the Dillon Interagency Dispatch Center searched for the fire which wasn’t found until it flared up yesterday.

Bielenburg Fire

For more on the Beilenburg Fire:

On both the way there and the way back, Dad’s route included a road that has recently been gated at both ends. The gates are just wide enough for an ATV to pass with room to spare. Dad’s Jeep squeaks through with no room to spare. Bridger thinks squeezing through is a hoot.

Touchdown! (?)

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