Memorial Day Weekend – Yellowstone NP – Sat

I’m tired so sorry if this is incoherent.

Started the day with a stop to visit the great horned owl nest in Mammoth. Visited with Bart, Monique and Dave Shumway there while enjoying the owls. Upon leaving there I headed east.


At Blacktail Lakes I was surprised to see a harlequin duck! What was it doing in placid water?!

Continuing east, I stopped where some people were looking down at Blacktail Creek, between where it crosses the road and the Children’s Fire Trail. There was a single gray wolf on a carcass. A moment later, 2 gray and 2 black wolves crossed the road about 100 yards behind us and joined the first gray on the carcass.

Continuing east I saw a black bear who sat down to scratch an ear just as I arrived at Phantom Lake.

IMG_1433 - edit

Continuing east I stopped for a minute or two at Floating Island Lake where a bull moose was in the lake on the far side, pulling up “Moose Drool.”

DSCF3472 - edit

I continued on to Little America where I hung out at the badger den for about 2 hours. I’m sure they made an appearance as soon as I left, but I did not get to enjoy a viewing. Then it was time to head to the Uncle Tom’s Trailhead to see who might show up.

Bryan and Sharon were there when I arrived. Just as we had just about decided to go elsewhere, expecting no one else to be joining us, we were surprised to be joined by Max and Jenn who told us that Helene, Rene, Bill and Peggy were on the way. As those of us who’ve been online knew, Uncle Tom’s Trail was expected to be impassable. We confirmed that. We had a visit and everyone except for me pass out sweets. I’ll know to be prepared next time. I offered cheese and salami but got no takers. Robert (matsoon) arrived just as we were getting to pack it up and out. It was nice to meet him!

From there I headed to Liberty Cap for the Beaver Ponds hike. Going over Dunraven a griz crossed the road right in front of the car that was in front of me, which turned out to be Sharon and Bryan. The three of us enjoyed a close but brief griz viewing. Bryan has some photos. I have a bear butt, just to keep Bill from thinking I’m slipping.

DSCF3474 - edit

When I arrived at Liberty Cap, Peter, Evan, Rick, and Dave where there. Dave and Rick were just there to say “hi.” Peter, Eva and I made the Beaver Ponds hike. I enjoyed meeting Peter and Eva and visiting on the hike with them.

Dinner and a beer (yes, really — just one) at Pedalinos for dinner with my son, parents, Aunt & Uncle followed by some swimming with Bridger and I’m ready for bed.

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